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Bristle Magic's FAQ

The State of the Art in brush rejuvination and brush cleaning




Chalk Painters and acrylic artists can mix Bristle Magic with water when using.

Flexibility of Bristle Magic refers to its ability to be used at different concentration levels. You can either mix Bristle Magic with water or use it at full concentration.

Bristle Magic is loved by Chalk Paint users in the DIY sector and they are finding it a great advantage to mix Bristle Magic with equal part water mix and clean.

Oil painters use Bristle Magic at full concentration.

Let Bristle Magic bring your brushes back to their original flexible and perfect form that you love.

Concentration and Usage Guidelines

Oil painters: Use full strength concentrate

Acrylic painters:

For everyday use with brushs cleaned regularly, combine 50 - 75% water added to Bristle Magic.

For brushes left out for a couple of days, use 25% water 75% Bristle Magic

For brushes that were forgotten for a couple of weeks use 25% or less water.

For brushes that may have years of build up and are losing flexibility, we recommend using full strength Bristle Magic and allow brushes to soak for a while. Then with a comb or loofah, gently work out loosened paint, soak and repeat until clean. Finally, rinse well with water.