Bristle Magic is State of the Art.

Bristle Magic's patented formula is State of the Art in Brush Cleaning & Conditioning. Bristle Magic restores brushes to beautiful condition.

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Bristle Magic is a cleaner and brush conditioner that cleans oil and acrylic paints from paintbrushes. You will love that even dried-on paints can be removed with Bristle Magic. Bristle Magic is a concentrated product . For oil painters, we recommend using Bristle Magic full strength. For acrylic painters, we recommend diluting with water to the strength needed, depending on how long your brushes have been left with paint on them. When mixed with water, Bristle Magic turns into a cream colored solution. That's OK!

Now place your brush bristles in a glass container or PET plastic container (has 1 on bottom).

*do not use light plastic disposable cups-

Some artists like to have a screen on the bottom of container to work brush bristles gently and also to allow paint to settle out to bottom. A loofah, sponge or comb works great too to to help draw paint out of bristles. After cleaning your brushes with Bristle Magic, rinse well water and you are ready to go paint! For really hardened brushes, allow to soak overnight and work bristles occasionally to loosen paint.

Happy Painting!

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The first thing to do is choose a suitable container for cleaning your brushes. Bristle Magic will breakdown some plastics. Be sure to use a PET plastic or a glass container for soaking your brushes.

Just to be clear, this is a good thing: Acrylic paint and some plastics have similar properties and we know Bristle Magic softens hardened acrylic paint. So for an example stay away from using Solo cups or foam cups to soak brushes as they will disintegrate quickly. Use PET or glass with confidence. A container made of PET plastic will have a "1" in the triangle with the letters PET below. Examples of reusable plastic bottles for cleaning your brushes with Bristle Magic are plastic milk bottles and plastic water bottles.

Bristle Magic

Bristle Magic can be diluted with water thereby customizing cleaning strength to fit you needs. Bristle Magic is a very powerful yet gentle cleaner.

This power can be dialed in by adding water!


Paint! Paint ! Paint!

Painting is known to dirty a brush or two and can be a lot of fun. While cleaning brushes may not be as much fun as painting, clean brushes certainly makes painting more fun!


USDA Certified

USDA certified 95% organic material.



The patented formula for Bristle Magic is truly top shelf.



Cleaning your brushes with Bristle Magic can save a lot of time, allowing time for other things, like Surfing at Mavericks.

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This brush progressed to this point after a year of use and daily cleaning with only soap and water. The build up was slow and barely noticeable until looking at a new brush. You may have noticed this with your brushes too at which time you realize that you like good brushes and they are very expensive. Bristle Magic will help your paint brushes last much longer and will save you money. For this job I recommend full strength and soaking overnight, then rinse with water.

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Bristle Magic Has been granted U S Patent # 11,873,464, and is effective on water based and oil based paints.

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For oil painters, Bristle Magic can be reused by allowing paint to settle to the bottom, then pouring the cleaner off the top gently. For acrylic painters, you can reuse but you will notice that the paint that comes out of your brush will remain suspended in solution. That's OK! Just rinse your cleaned out brushes well in water after Bristle Magic has done its job.

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Bristle Magic is safe to pour down the drain.

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Bristle Magic is sustainably sourced using organic plant based feedstock.

Bristle Magic

Proudly Made In The USA

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